River Romp Regatta

Changes & Cues for 2015 – sailors, parents & coaches

Coaching is permitted and encouraged in the back half of the GREEN fleet only.

On land: ALL sailors check-in to confirm sail numbers during Registration Hours (Friday, 4:30-6:30 PM; Saturday 7:45 – 9:00)

On water: All sailors check-in with their respective Race Committee boats prior to the start of the first race and anytime thereafter if they have made a sail change.

All boats will launch from the north shore (beach).

Check the Official Notice Board for updates and changes.

Red, White & Blue Fleets will have THE SAME START, and will be racing on the same course.

Green fleet will be scored and all Green Fleet competitors will receive a participation recognition.

Green Fleet will have a separate Skippers Meeting and launch protocol.

Green Fleeters should remain on shore, at the Skippers Meeting, while all other sailors launch.

Green Fleeters are encouraged to rig their boats AWAY from the beach, allowing access to the water for the “first wave” to launch.

Park Rangers, Deputies & ESC Volunteers will direct you as you enter the parking lot.

Your cooperation in following their directions will facilitate everyone’s ability to offload safely.