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In a nutshell, we need parents on the north shore during practice hours.

Edison Sailing center provides a binder with information for our P.O.D.s This binder contains attendance sheets, accident/injury report forms, emergency procedures for both land & water, waivers, and a roster of sailors/staff/families with their contact/phone numbers.

As a P.O.D., you are asked to retrieve the binder from the Opti shed and make sure the sailors, staff and guests sign-in AND sign-out.

A mobile VHF unit should be rolled out by the pavilion and set to monitor our coaches/safety support boat on the water.

Any sailor arriving AFTER everyone has gone out, POD should hail the coach to let them know the sailor is on his/her way out. Same procedure if a sailor is coming back to shore.

PODs are invited to bring a good book to read, a reusable water bottle for iced water refills, and/or simply enjoy watching the kids sail.

Each parent is expected to support this vital SAFETY element of our program. If we have to leave a coach or staff person on shore, we are reducing eyes on the water…