River Romp FAQ'S

Why does it matter if I don’t have my sail number before I check-in for the regatta?

Entering sail numbers or sail changes into the database the morning of the regatta can delay racing. Until all numbers have been entered and checked for possible duplication’s, racing cannot begin.

Why can’t I get a set of SAILING INSTRUCTIONS at the regatta?

US Sailing, Sailors for the Sea, and many regatta venues endorse sustainability initiatives that decrease the amount of paper/plastics used. SAILING INSTRUCTIONS will be posted online for your family to print prior to arrival. Any changes will be posted on the OFFICIAL NOTICE BOARD. Families without printers may contact ESC before October 17 th to request a printed copy. Please remind your coaches!!

Why do coaches have to register?

Numbered flags are available to identify coach boats for the racing area. Our river has considerable weekend “traffic”. We want to insure every competitor’s safety.

What are the arrangements for food this year?

If you are a guest at the Best Western, you should have breakfast vouchers for IHOP next door (this is our understanding). Families and siblings are invited to enjoy meals at the Three Fishermen, Che Tito’s, or any of the area restaurants. There are Publix grocery stores within two miles either direction as well. Competitors will be provided meals as part of their registration fee. To support our local restaurants, and to insure that our sailors are fed, we ask for your cooperation. This is another reason why early registration is important!

Where is sailor and coach check-in this year?

Sailors and coaches should check-in Friday afternoon or Saturday morning in the rear Meeting Room of Che Tito’s Restaurant. Signs &/or volunteers will help direct you to check-in. There is NO on-site registration. Competitors MUST have all information to complete the check-in process, i.e. sail numbers!

What’s available at the regatta site?

Tackle Shack will be our primary vendor for all things sailing; Southern SnoBalls will be with us on Sunday with iced treats for sale. Bob Adam from ZIM Sailing will have several RS boats to try out. Our High School Sailing Team will be selling bags & totes from a well-known company out of Maine, known for its re-purposing of used sails.


  • Reusable water bottles will be for sale. No plastic cups available.
  • Coffee for parents & coaches each morning, until the pot is empty!
  • Igloos filled with iced water, Gatorade or lemonade will be available throughout the event. Please use your reusable water bottles.
  • First Aid & CPR provided by a Medical Reserve Unit from Lee County
  • Additional trailer parking off site at Moody Road (use your smart phone to take photo of directions to the area). The hotel & restaurant ask that you do not use extra parking spaces for trailers.
  • A limited number of iced, canned beverages.
  • Networking with other sailors & families.

If the hotel allows pets, why can’t I bring my pet pig, ostrich or dog(s) into the park?

The sailing center is located in a county park. Everyone is expected to abide by county regulations. If park rangers are on site, they will give tickets to violators.

And…there will be THREE generations of sailing families involved in this regatta – mostly Opti fleet sailors, many of whom first sailed at or with RPYC/ESC. Let us know if your sailing organization is also a multi-generational sailing group!

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