Summer Program FAQ'S

How do I register my child/relative/friend for one of the summer programs?
  • ESC uses an online registration system that will ask for specific information and payment. Applicants with gift certificates and scholarships may require additional information from ESC to complete registration.
Can I register using an IPhone or IPad?
  • IPads and IPhones may not be compatible with our registration system
Can my child take only one week of sailing?
  • High school sailing is the only one-week sailing program we offer during the summer.
  • For both social and instructional reasons, registrants should participate both weeks.
Does ESC offer sibling discounts?
  • ESC does not offer discounts but families may request consideration/availability of scholarships from CMCS. For more information, use the Contact Us feature on our website
Does ESC accept children younger than 8 ?
  • Sailing is both a physical and a mental activity. As a rule, ESC requires all sailors to have reached their 8th birthday
If my child has sailed before, will he/she have to start from the beginning with other new sailors?
  • Once the children are assessed on their skills and knowledge, they are placed in appropriate groups and will be provided instruction at their levels.
Should I send a snack with my child?
  • Students should only bring a reusable water bottle with them unless they have a dietary need.
  • Because there are so many dietary restrictions, allergies & preferences, food is not suggested or encouraged
  • If your child requires a snack, please be sure to indicate that in the medical & health information section.
If my child enjoys sailing after one session, can we register for additional sessions?
  • Absolutely, yes! If your child continues, he/she will increase his/her sailing skills, building upon what has been taught/learned

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