Thank you for your interest in our summer programs. We have reached maximum capacity for this summer and we hope to see you next year!

Summer 2020 FAQ'S

To Parents & Guardians:

With the phased-in approach to re-opening the country, Edison Sailing Center continues to hold the health & safety of its students, staff & volunteers as its highest priority. To maintain that priority everyone’s cooperation and compliance will be necessary for the sailing center to remain open, offering much-needed outdoor time in structured activities.

What can you expect at Edison Sailing Center this summer?
  • Our amazing Blue Shirts (staff & crew) who will provide instruction, support & fun while consistently practicing social distancing behaviors.
  • Opportunities to be on the water gaining independence, expanding problem-solving skills.
  • Well-planned activities & instruction based on US Sailing curriculum and Best Practices.
What will be different from previous summers?
  • New check-in and check-out procedures (please read & follow the Parent Information on our website and also briefly explained in this section).
  • Smaller class sizes.
  • Students assigned to individual “stations” along the shoreline for rigging, launch & return.
  • Students’ temperatures to be checked by Staff each morning; parents are asked to remain in the parking lot until a “thumbs up” is given
  • Parents, families & pets will remain in their cars or pull through the parking lot/driveway for pick-up. Students will be escorted to their cars.
  • Students should eat before &/or after class; there will be no snacks or food.
  • Students should bring a large, filled water bottle with first & last name on it, daily
  • Students and Staff will wear BUFFS, bandanas or masks while on land.
  • All life jackets (personal or loaners) will be taken home each day & used throughout class
  • Additional sanitation & disinfecting procedures employed daily
Why are classes scheduled differently this year?
  • We have shortened the sailing program this year to provide more opportunities for students to have time on the water. Fewer sailors per session.
  • Arrival & departure times will be staggered to maintain social distancing and still provide the fun and learning involved in our summer programs. Families’ cooperation in honoring their scheduled times will be a vital part of our work as a team!
  • You can see that course fees are also very different this summer - our hope is that by reducing our fees, we can support families as they deal with these unusual times.
Will the sailing center offer sailing programs for older teens this summer?
  • ESC anticipates offering some sailing opportunities for older teens/high school ages later this summer. Please watch our website for announcements in late July/early August.

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