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Who can join our programs?

Edison Sailing Center offers sailing instruction to children and youth between the ages of 8 and 18. Programs include full-day summer programs and competitive training year-round. Adults can sign up for motorboat instruction.

How can I get involved?

Parents of children participating in our programs are encouraged to help out where they can and will be informed of ways to do so. Members of the public and companies can make a donation. Donations of any kind are greatly appreciated and help keep our programs affordable and available to our kids!

Where are you located?

The majority of Edison Sailing Center’s programs are run out of North Shore Park located in North Fort Myers, Florida. We have more boats stored in Centennial Park on the other side of the river.

What programs do you offer?

Our programs include green fleet Optimist training for beginners. From here, sailors can progress into red, white and blue fleet single-handed Lasers. We also have a double-handed 420 program available for high-school kids. Click here to see all our programs

Do you offer adult sailing?

Unfortunately no, Edison Sailing Center only offers sailing instruction for children between the ages of 8 and 18. We do, however, offer motorboat instruction for adults wanting to learn how to safely operate small motorboats.