Hurricane Ian was an “equal opportunity destroyer” when it struck a devastating blow to Southwest Florida. But one word has always resonated in our community and in our sailing center: RESILIENCE.

So it wasn’t surprising that a creative woman with a servant’s heart took loss and crafted gain by using her God-given gifts, some damaged sails and a commercial sewing machine to bring something positive to light: sea bags made from sails that could no longer be used by the sailing center.

In about the same amount of time that our area has continued to recover, Sue Hansen has focused on creating unique bags: some whimsical, some standard shapes, some specific designs as requested by customersall made with love.

Sue is not one to withhold knowledge—or ideas—and in the blink of an eye, she had shared designs online and created a forum for other crafters to learn from each other.
Sue, along with supportive spouse Rich, offer their lanai for real-time instruction and designing, reminiscent of an era of “sewing circles”. And Sue shares the profit from her sales with the Edison Sailing Center.

You are cordially invited to visit Sue’s online designs. Be sure to check back regularly as she will be posting new shapes and designs, some with fun & functional ornamentation!

Contact Sue today to place an order!